Peak:  Mt. Lindsey (14er)
 Route:  Northwest Ridge
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  zdero1
 Date of Info:  06/08/2013
 Date Posted:  06/09/2013

The road to the TH is dry with the exception of a large puddle of water approximately 10' across and about 4-6" deep. We encountered several snow patches 1-2 feet deep as the route climbed through the forest, but the trail is bootpacked and snowshoes are certainly not needed. Gaiters are highly recommended. Once out of treeline we walked along the firm snowfields leading up the the saddle. Lindsey's remarkable North Face came into view and we observed minimal snow in the standard gully. We ascended the ridge, which was filled with fun, solid, and dry rock, with the exception of a tiny 1' x 6" snow patch at the bottom of the crux, which is avoidable. The rest of the route to the summit is 100% snow free.
We attempted to descend the standard route, but dropped down a bit early to avoid a shallow snowfield over loose scree with the intent of traversing to the standard route as soon as we could. The encountered loose scree with (thankfully) enough solid rock to make a safe descent with deliberate, carefully planned movements. I highly recommend descending the NW ridge route at this time. The faint trail up the gully that is shown in the route pictures is gone. The bottom of the standard gully is filled with loose scree. On the way back, the snow in the basin was still firm and was easily traversed.
Pic 1: Lindsey's North Face and NW ridge
Pic 2: The worst of the snow on the approach. Honestly it's just a few patches.
Pic 3: Descending into the valley
Pic 4: Our sketch descent

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06/10/2013 03:10
Please refer to the update from ChrisinAZ located on the Forbins_Mtn conditions report update for Mt. Lindsey.

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