Peak:  Ellingwood Point
 Route:  Blanca and Ellingwood
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  Guyer25
 Date of Info:  5/29/2022
 Date Posted:  5/30/2022

Still very deep snow above Crater Lake. A bit of exposure and easy climbing at the top. A lot of post-holing and trudging up deep snow, steep in parts. Not much trail to follow. Ice axe and spikes were nice to have.

Comments or Questions
05/31/2022 09:29
Hey, thank you for the report. I wondered what the trail to lake Como was like and above Crater Lake you mentioned deep snow. Was that just in the bowl or all the way up the saddle? Would you recommend snowshoes? We are taking the NW Blanca Route this Saturday and didn't know if the ridge to the summit still had snow on it. Thanks again.

05/31/2022 10:22
The trail to Lake Como is just a steady climb on a rocky offroading trail, trail is good and clear to about Crater Lake. The bowl, saddle, and ridge all still have quite a bit of soft snow all the way to the summit with some exposed rocks in parts. Snowshoes might be nice and make it easier if you‘re into that but you wouldn‘t need them, but count on hiking/climbing snow above Crater Lake all the way to the summit.

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