Peak:  Pikes Peak (14er)
 Route:  East Slope
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  chuckd
 Date of Info:  04/27/2013
 Date Posted:  04/29/2013

Trail was awesome until about 500 feet above tree line. Made the first 9 miles in about 3.5 hours, then things really slowed down. I ended up getting a little off trail towards the top and took the northeast ridge up instead of the southwest. The bowl between the two was buried in snow and I did not want to cross back over and get back on trail. Post holing above tree line was a major issue, it was a pretty warm sunny day so the snow did not support me at all. Took about 3 hours to summit once I got above tree line, had the trail been clear I imagine it would have taken 1 hour, so take that for what its worth. Pretty miserable/exhausting above tree line, but definitely do-able. With the warm weather the snow should be going away pretty soon, but until then, beware of the post holing.

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04/29/2013 19:16
heading up the ridge! I was right below you with my brother and another guy who was lost above treeline and decided to let us ”guide” him to the top. We were the ones heading straight up the snow-filled gulley. I believe you looked down at us from the railroad tracks. Definitely miserasble/exhausting above treeline! Good job.


04/30/2013 14:12
Might not have been me, we weren't by the railroad tracks, we were on the opposite ridge, to the north. But I did see a couple of groups behind us (who looked like they had chosen a better route haha). Glad you guys made it to the summit though. I talked to a gentleman at Barr Camp who said no one had summited in 3 weeks and more or less said I wouldn't make it and thought I was somewhat of a dumbass I think, although he wasn't outright rude, just concerned I'm sure (I was alone at the time, picked up a new hiking partner around treeline). So that gave me some real motivation to get to the top!


Might have been tourists
04/30/2013 23:47
looking down from the tracks. Just assumed it was you guys. Definitely saw you heading up the (northeast) ridge...I'll have to try that route sometime! You probably talked to Neal (the caretaker) at Barr Camp. He gets a little concerned for hikers sometimes. Anyway, congrats again!

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