Peak:  Mt. Lincoln (14er)
 Route:  East Slopes
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  ChrisinAZ
 Date of Info:  02/03/2013
 Date Posted:  02/04/2013

Did Decalibron yesterday (with Brad adding on S Bross) from Moose Creek via Quartzville. Overall: did not need special equipment beyond trekking poles, though in colder weather or early/late in the day, microspikes might be a good idea. Avy risk is essentially nil with proper choice of route, though only because there‘s not much snow up there right now. Kite Lake Rd was difficult-to-impassable past the usual winter plowing area, even with high-clearance 4WD, and we opted to go up the plowed and mostly-dry road network to the east of the peaks, parking at Moose Creek and hiking up the Quartzville approach.

Lincoln: the road up to the Quartzville site had a few areas where post-holing/snowshoeing was pretty much necessary, but above the site, most of the road was dry, or had hard-packed, slightly slick snow. We went up the scree and talus slopes east of the summit, which were pretty dry as well; the last ~200‘ to the summit had far more snow cover, but it was still possible to pick a line to the top staying mostly on rock.

Democrat: from the saddle, most of the trail was covered in snow, with patches of especially-hard, slippery snow and ice here and there. It‘s possible to stay on rock most of the way up, and we made it to the top without putting on microspikes (barely). The last 200‘ of uphill involved a lot of frozen-over, slippery snow.

Cameron: some snow patches (generally avoidable) and the trails on the N and W sides had some packed snow which was generally safely barebootable. South side was pretty dry.

Bross: pretty well dry, any snow is generally avoidable (ditto for S Bross). We descended from near the Bross/Cameron saddle back into the Quartzville drainage, which was also mostly dry and stable. The ridge back toward Moose Creek looked fairly dry as well, with one snow patch near the base that appeared as though it could be skirted on the south.

 Comments or Questions

04/02/2015 19:45
Chris, how's the parking situation at Quartzville? Any issues?


Re: parking
02/06/2013 00:01
I would strongly recommend parking at the Moose Creek ”trailhead” (at the intersection of Quartzville and Zink) as we did. This site appears to be legal, free from hassle, is plowed, and is only a ten-minute walk to the start of the road up to the Quartzville site.

The road up to the Quartzville site passes through private property, and unless you can drive to the end of the road (not gonna happen unless you have a sno-cat!), parking at the start of, or partway up this road is heavily discouraged by the landowner. And of course, make sure you stay on the road till treeline when hiking.

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