Peak:  Mt. Antero (14er)
 Route:  West Slopes
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Papillon
 Date of Info:  02/02/2013
 Date Posted:  02/03/2013

Woodrow Wooderson and I trenched Baldwin Gulch yesterday. We were on snowshoes from the bottom of the road to 12,000 feet. While she broke probably 60% of the trail, I did lose a quadriceps muscle up there near treeline and will put something up in Lost and Found so keep your eyes peeled.

There are terrain traps that come into play around treeline. There was a thread on this last year:

While I thought the road would offer a reprieve and allow us to get into a rhythm, the switchbacks were loading up so we took steep grass and made a direct line for the ridge at 13K. From here, we followed the road all the way to 13,900 and then took the ridge to the summit.

For the descent, we scree surfed down a slope that wasn't terrible. I'd gone up this way a few years back but found it lose and nightmarish. That is why we took a more conservative and roundabout way up. We did enter a gully (the gully in d_baker's post in the thread above) that got us to our stash without worry. I guess the only questionable terrain we encountered the whole day was a 30-yard stretch near treeline where we decided to split up. In retrospect, I would have cut into the trees for this stretch (at least that was my gut feeling laying in bed this morning).

Image 1: Terrain trap
Image 2: Switchbacks above treeline
Image 3: Summit ridge
Image 4: Faint descent path

Snowshoes to 12K. Microspikes for the ridge. Never once thought of going to the axe. I believe it helps to have familiarity with this area and/or a good eye for safe travel with snow. There is a chance for trouble up there, more than on some of the popular winter routes.

6:27 up
3:19 down (had to get home to feed the cat)

Photos (click for slideshow):
Image #1Image #2Image #3Image #4

 Comments or Questions

02/04/2013 04:04
Woodrow Wooderson Extreme.
There's the title for your next tr.
You're welcome. ;)


02/04/2013 14:58
From Pic 4, it looks like Cronin has pretty much the same conditions as Antero, true? Also, I have lost several quads over the years too. If your L&F add works, I'll have to give that a try..


Cronin and White
02/04/2013 15:21
If you are going to hit Cronin from the Cronin-Antero saddle, I'd say you'll be fine Jay. If you try to take a more direct line from lower in Baldwin Gulch, you might run into trouble gaining that ridge. I'll post another pic or two in a bit.

White is pretty dry too. *Cough* Wyoming Bob *Cough*...

Not sure what this storm coming in this weekend is going to bring. I'd recommend taking a day off or playing hookie this week.


02/04/2013 15:33
Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate your comments/advice and thanks in advance for the pics.


Cronin from Antero
02/04/2013 17:10
Here is a shot of the area.


02/04/2013 17:33

Wyoming Bob

*** Cough ***
02/05/2013 02:56
Papillion, mind reader but for all that snow to be pushed through on the Baldwin Gulch Road. Those Monarch area storm totals scared me off . . . The thought did cross my mind, but I chose a Sangre peak, where the snow would surely be less of an issue . . . I will post my own lost and found for the same gear this evening . . . Seems there is a growing list of snow shoe trenches for secondary gain . . . I too left one this weekend for the Bicentennial crew.

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