Peak:  San Luis Peak (14er)
 Route:  South Ridge
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  aksean22
 Date of Info:  04/10/2021
 Date Posted:  04/11/2021

Started from the 503/504 road junction. There is continuous snow up the rest of the road to the saddle at 12,400'. We ascended via the South Ridge and skied down the Yawner Gullies. Flotation is required when things warm up in the afternoon.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Yawner Gullies#2) The South Ridge#3) Towards the Stewart Creek Trailhead#4) Looking back at the Saddle

Comments or Questions
04/11/2021 14:35
How many miles before 2wd TH did you have to start? Any instability?


04/12/2021 07:47
The 503/504 junction is about 2.5 miles below the Equity mine/summer parking. The snow was good, a few big cornices to look out for but otherwise very stable.


04/12/2021 11:46
How was snow coverage in the Yawner Gullies? Any guess as to how much longer they'll be in for skiing?


04/13/2021 07:31
We skied the center gully. It has one choke point that isn't going to be in much longer but otherwise the snow coverage was great. The far gully (left in the picture) looked like it will stay in awhile longer. At least through the end of April would be my guess.

Start time
04/13/2021 20:54
What time did you guys start and how long was your RT time? Going out this Sat or Sun. Boot up the road or need snowshoes? I won‘t have skis. Thanks for the beta!


04/14/2021 07:56
We started at 5:45 and it took us about 9 hrs RT, but it'll probably take a bit longer without skis. You shouldn't need snowshoes for the road in the morning but I would definitely bring them for when things soften up in the afternoon. Good luck!

04/14/2021 21:09
Thanks for the time hack and will definitely have snow shoes for later in the day.


04/26/2021 11:26
Hello, thinking of heading up here in a few days! One more question: did you more or less follow the CDT route traversing the various basins, or did you drop all the way down after the first pass at 12.4K and go around the big prow?

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