Peak:  Mt. Belford (14er)
 Route:  Northwest Ridge
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  dehrlich101
 Date of Info:  11/02/2012
 Date Posted:  11/03/2012

Route has some snow on it but is avoidable for the most part. We did it without micro spikes, but some may feel more comfortable in having them on some parts coming down.

No wolf sightings

 Comments or Questions

Same day?
11/04/2012 08:03
Were you the ones I saw up there twice? By the way I got Missouri too


11/04/2012 08:43
Excellent job buddy.. How much elevation gain did you get throughout the day?


Elevation Gain
11/05/2012 06:04
Given... It was all pretty easy terrain except maybe the top portions of Missouri - I ended up gaining 10,350 feet of elevation and 21 total miles

11 hours of total climbing (excluding summit time)


11/05/2012 06:09
Also, I don't have to do that every time - I tend to push myself a lot sometimes but I can chill too. If you want to climb sometime, especially in the winter, give me a PM...



11/04 update
11/05/2012 15:13
We were just up on BelOx yesterday, similar conditions. Basically no snow below the creek crossing, then a few inches of packed stuff on the trail intermittently all the way to the summit. Snow on the steeper descent to Oxford, but nothing that'd make you fall to your death. Minor traction is a good idea, trekking poles would suffice for most.

Missouri's standard route looked like it could be more challenging, at least until gaining the ridge--the steep slopes had more snow cover than bare ground.


11/06/2012 03:58
ChrisinAZ - Missouri was weird and I'm sorry I didn't give a better description before. I climbed it on the rocks to the right of the route instead of using the trail. Using the trail alone probably would have been somewhat snowy. However the snow did make the descent WAY easier because I was able to slide. The snow you saw was there for me too and you're assessment is probably a little better. Its more of a climb than usual. Then again my complete bonk after 10,000 vertical that day probably changed my perception a little


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