Peak:  Capitol Peak (14er)
 Route:  Northeast Ridge from Snowmass TH Moon Lake Approac
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  jryor121
 Date of Info:  09/26/2020
 Date Posted:  09/28/2020

Started at the Snowmass TH. After a 6 mile bushwhack off the Snowmass to Capitol trail (which includes an immediate barefoot river crossing) through trees, mud, avalanche debris, and much else, you arrive at moon lake. From moon lake you continue towards the Daly saddle and eventually catch up to the standard trail past the gullies coming down from the saddle. The route had 1 mandatory snowfield crossing There's 3 different snow tracks on the route. Do not take the highest up track, it'll put you into more trouble. The lower 2 tracks are the correct route. From there everything else is snow free, and the trip is very standard. Even with the hard 25 mph winds, I was still able to walk across the overhyped knife edge on my way up to the summit.
I would only recommend this approach if you really enjoy a strenuous and very not straightforward off trail route full of decision making.

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