Peak:  Capitol Peak (14er)
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  Cereal
 Date of Info:  09/18/2020
 Date Posted:  09/19/2020

Dry/summer conditions with two exceptions:

- the small snowfields as you traverse south after the saddle (see photo 12 of route description)⦠we used microspikes on one of them because it was dark, but on our descent we realized the snow could be crossed easily below it

- the "easiest way around K2" to the west has snow on it, but we went up and over K2 on ascent and descent to avoid this

Thus, you can leave the spikes at home.

Comments or Questions

Met you on Bard last year.
09/19/2020 09:35
Nice work!


Thanks for info
09/19/2020 10:51
Good to hear its dried out. How where the aspens in the valley? Are any changing? Thanks


09/21/2020 06:31
Not a lot of change as of this past Friday. A few clumps have started to change, though.


Camping at Lake
09/21/2020 17:30
Looking at packing in on Saturday for a Sunday summit. Is the lake still busy/is it hard to find camping? Trying to get a gauge on when to leave Denver Saturday.


Camping at Lake
09/22/2020 10:55
Hey there! I've never camped at the lake, but I will tell you what I do know...

We noted only one tent that we could see while we were at the saddle at about noon on this past Friday.

However, we did pass probably 8 to 10 groups of backpackers headed up as we made our way from the lake down to the TH. Again, this was early afternoon on a Friday.

So... maybe still busy? I don't know how many campsites there are at the lake.

Hope this is helpful! Have fun.


09/23/2020 12:12
Thanks for the info!


09/23/2020 14:57
Thanks for the report! I'm planning on climbing it this weekend. However, there aren't any of the photos uploaded on this peak condition update. Could you send me photos that you took that day? Either pm or email would be greatly appreciated!

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