Peak:  San Luis Peak (14er)
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  marcusmartin
 Date of Info:  08/01/2020
 Date Posted:  08/01/2020

Arrived Friday night (7/31/2020) at 10:00 pm at the Stewart Creek Trailhead. There were roughly 5 cars parked there at the TH and tents pitched nearby. We drove down to the Eddiesville Trailhead - - there were plenty of good tent spots for our tent. Started out under the stars at 3:40 am with headlamps. Approximately 2-3 miles in we encountered a mountain lion & the eerie green eyes just a few feet off the trail to the right watching us. Fortunately, we did not have a conflict or encounter with the lion. Make sure you have something to make noise if you are hiking in the dark to alert lions of your presence. In this same area, there are several down trees across the trail and it made it difficult to find the trail in the dark even with our headlamps. We veered off trail a few times here but were able to back up and rejoin the trail. We summited at approximately 7:30 am and had the summit to ourselves. The weather was outstanding and very little wind. Really a spectacular day on San Luis - a real gem! Totally worth the effort to get there. I think we saw less than 15 people all day - and that was on a Saturday in August. WIN!

Note if you are planning on camping at the Stewart Creek TH: It did not seem like there was flat ground to place your tent. See the picture below that I took of other tents at the SCTH. I would recommend going down the road to the Eddiesville TH where there is a large flat area. Much better for camping, in my opinion.

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Comments or Questions

08/02/2020 08:28
Mountain lion, crazy! Glad y'all had fun


x2 on Eddiesville camping
08/02/2020 17:07
I think itâs less than a 1/4mi of easy driving from the TH, with an outhouse as well. Congrats on summit and glad you avoided the lion


08/02/2020 18:51
It's probably even less than 1/4mile; probably could walk from TH to Eddiesville. And yes there is an outhouse.

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