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 Peak:  North Eolus (Unranked)
 Route:  South Ridge
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  TieDye
 Date of Info:  10/5/2019
 Date Posted:  10/6/2019

Sunlight: S Face still totally dry.

Windom: Fresh snow dustings are starting to stick around on the portions of the trail on the NW Face which lie in the northern shadow. Was fine without traction but watch your step. These snow dustings are accumulating on the NW Face and on top of the leftover snowfields. Went straight up a snowfield to the W Ridge instead of dropping all the way down. Fine in trail runners in the afternoon.

Eolus: Similar to Windom, fresh snow dustings are starting to stick around on the ESE Face where the trail drops down from the ridge. No traction necessary around 6 PM. Watch your step.

N Eolus: Totally dry.

The snowfields from this past winter aren't going anywhere. All manageable without equipment at the times I was on them (times listed for reference). Everything else dry (approach, catwalk, whatever doesn't get caught in shadows all day). Still overwhelmingly summer conditions. Get it while you can! Overnighters said it got down to 17 F at whatever elevation that is Friday night into Saturday.

Purgatory TH - 710 AM
Animas River bridge at Wilderness border - 930 AM
Twin Lakes - 1200 PM (15 minute lunch)
Sunlight - 215 PM
Windom - 400 PM
Twin Lakes - 510 PM
Eolus - 635 PM
N Eolus - 705 PM
Twin Lakes - 800 PM
Animas River bridge at Wilderness border - 1045 PM
Purgatory TH - 240 AM

41 mi, 11.1k vert, 19:30 TH to TH

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