Peak:  North Eolus (Unranked)
 Route:  South Ridge
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  bludwig
 Date of Info:  9/6/2019
 Date Posted:  9/9/2019

This will be a copy/paste for all four of the Chicago Basin peaks:
There is some snow by Twin Lakes on the route to Windom/Sunlight, it is hard and no traction required.
The flies/mosquitoes are pretty bad and pretty aggressive. Although, the cold nights may start killing them off.
Because of the very unpredictable weather in the Weminuche, I wanted to include my rough split times between the mountains so you can determine how to break them up. Doing all four in a day can be very difficult due to the temperamental weather.
Order: Windom, Sunlight, Eolus, North Eolus. I recommend doing North last since it is very easy to bail out on if needed and recommend Windom first because route finding in the dark is straight forward.
From campsite (11,000 feet) to Windom: 2.5 hours
Windom to Sunlight: 1.5 hours
Sunlight summit to Eolus turnoff: 1 hour
Catwalk turnoff to Eolus: 40 minutes
Eolus summit to catwalk turn: 40 minutes
Catwalk to North Eolus summit: 7 minutes
North Eolus summit to campsite: ~2 hours

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