Peak:  Mt. Arkansas (13er)
 Route:  North Couloir
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  Wyoming Bob
 Date of Info:  04/22/2012
 Date Posted:  04/23/2012

Climbed Mt. Arkansas via North Couloir on Sunday, 4/22. Mixed dry and shallow snow on road from CO91 for 1st quarter mile; snow for next 3/4 mile to crest of upper basin (first view of route), snow fields and dry for 1/4 mile then snow to base of climb.

Climb has more than fair share of recent snow, got soft very early but for very top, I'd wait for a good freeze before attempting this route. No route finding issues from car to summit.

Link to trip narrative with additional photos.

Photos (click for slideshow):
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 Comments or Questions
Matt Lemke

A lot more snow
04/24/2012 15:25
I was there 3 weeks ago and there is a lot more snow there now. Well done

Wyoming Bob

Thanks for the thumbs up!
04/25/2012 00:21

You and I travel a lot of the same territory and I take in your reports as well,

Wyoming Bob . . . (btw Mining'84)


Great Write up and Pictures.
04/25/2012 20:57
It appears this would still be skiable? Can you confirm? Thanks!

Wyoming Bob

04/28/2012 00:12
There were tracks at the base so others had been of the skiing mind. I'm not much of a b/c skier so I'm probably not a good source for conditions . . .

Good luck...


Really nice photos
04/27/2012 02:46
Looks like you had a great day and this looks like a really nice route. How steep is the couloir and how much vertical is it?
What time did you hit the top? Do you recall what the overnight low temp was?



Wyoming Bob

Steep and feet
04/28/2012 00:20
Don't really know for sure, repeating the comments of others leads me to guess that there is about 700 feet of gain and i'd guess it is a 45 to 50 degree slope at the steepest. The overnight was just below freezing . . .puddles frozen but not a hard freeze, a good crust on the snow all the way in, but the climb proper was soft from the start. The climb gets the sun hit right out of the gate so early is the name of the game. We left the hairpin at 5:30, maybe 5:45, and were on the summit at 10 a.m. The snow got soft, not enough to squeeze water from a grab, but enough that we were admittedly later than was prudent. The was no danger of being unable to arrest a fall and the glissade out was controlled not by the axe but by a knee.

If it is going to be sunny, I'd break out the alpine start that we should have used . . .

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