Peak:  Mt. Evans (14er)
 Route:  Northeast Face
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  RockyMountainMustang
 Date of Info:  03/30/2012
 Date Posted:  03/31/2012

~ 3,685ft. elevation
~ 22 mi. rt length
~ 9.5 hrs.
Started at Echo Lake and walked up the road to Summit Lake. Road has only a few snow banks on it. Nothing to worry about. There's some ice early in the morning, but it was all melting come afternoon. The road is bikeable minus a few areas where you'd have to portage over the ice/snow. The turn-off from the road to the NE face trail was hard to see because of the snow on the side of the road, so I marked the area with a small cairn on the side of the road. (I ended up going right past it and just went off trail up to the summit until I ran into it further on.) Wind was forecasted to be 15-20, but was more 25-30 with gusts ~50mph. Half way up the NE trail, the wind increased to about ~45mph, with gusts ~65mph I'd guess. Facing into the wind, I had to bend in half and brace with my trekking poles to avoid getting blown 3-5 steps backward downhill when there was a big gust. I even have a low center of gravity, being of a short and sturdy build. All in all, it was a warm, beautiful day that felt like a summer hike, minus the wind being bad enough to blow Dorothy back to Kansas.

IMG 1-3 is 1. Mt. Evans, 2. ridge to Mt. Spalding, 3. Mt. Spalding.

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