Information Entries for Mt. Massive

Climbing History (Mt. Massive)

Title: First known ascent:

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Sources: A Climbing Guide to Colorado's Fourteeners, By: Walter R. Borneman and Lyndon J. Lampert, Third Addition, Published 1994. Pruett Publishing, Company Boulder.

Henry Gannett climbed, named, and mapped the mountain for the Hayden Survey in 1873.

Name History (Mt. Massive)

Title: Naming of Mt. Massive

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Sources: Hart, J.L.J. (1977). Fourteen thousand feet: A history of the naming and early ascents of the high Colorado peaks (Second Edition). Denver, CO: The Colorado Mountain Club. The Colorado Mountain Club Foundation. (2010). The Colorado 14ers: The standard routes. Golden, CO: The Colorado Mountain Club Press.

The mountain was named for its shape and size, and was known by its current name before 1873. The Hayden and Wheeler U.S. Government Surveys both referred to the mountain as Mt. Massive. Over the years, there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to change the mountain's name from Massive to alternatives such as McKinley, Gannett, or Churchill.

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