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Geology (Mt. Evans)

Title: Mt. Evans Geology

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Sources: Halka Chronic, Roadside Geology of Colorado (Mountain Press Publishing, 1980)

Formed about 1.7 billion years ago, during Precambrian time, Mt. Evans rock is composed of granite that pushed up through metamorphic rocks as an extrusion of magma. Slow cooling of the rock provided for easy identification of minerals like white and pink feldspar, glassy quartz and black mica. As part of the Ancestral Rockies (300 million years ago), the granite was pushed upward and again 65 million years ago during the Laramide Orogeny.

Over the years since the general mountain formation, the rock has cracked and weathered. The weathering process has rounded the boulders as the mica grains break down and cause portions of the rock (often quartz and feldspar) to break off. Wind-blasting has also taken a toll on windward facing rock, above tree line.

The Summit Lake area was formed by glacier activity which created a large, east-facing cirque between Mt. Evans and 13er Mt. Spalding.

Name History (Mt. Evans)

Title: Naming of Mt. Evans

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Sources: Borneman, W.R., & Lampert, L.J. (1978). A climbing guide to Colorado's Fourteeners. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company. Colorado Mountain Club Foundation. (2010). The Colorado 14ers: The Standard Routes. Golden, CO: The Colorado Mountain Club Press. Hart, J.L.J. (1977). Fourteen thousand feet: A history of the naming and early ascents of the high Colorado peaks (Second Edition). Denver, CO: The Colorado Mountain Club.

The peak was first named Mt. Rosalie in 1863 by renowned western landscape painter, Albert Bierstadt, in honor of his wife. But during a celebration in Greeley, Colorado in 1870, Mt. Rosalie was unofficially renamed Mt. Evans in honor of the second territorial Colorado Governor, John Evans (March 9, 1814 - July 2, 1897). Evans was the father-in-law of Samuel Hitt Elbert, for whom Mt. Elbert was named. In 1895, the Colorado State legislature officially named the mountain in honor of Evans on his 81st birthday. Evans is best known as founder of the town of Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), and the University of Denver.

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