Lamb Slide and loft conditions

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Lamb Slide and loft conditions

Post by stevo6868 »

Looking at going up the loft to bag Meeker then ski descent into lamb slide. Several things as I can’t seem to find any recent beta.

Current conditions in the loft, the down climb into the top of lambs slide from the loft, and lamb slide conditions.

I’ve rode down lambs slide multiples times over the year and climbed into the loft but never scoped out how the down climb looks and curious how lamb slide is looking, whether or not it’s suncupped or it’s bulletproof ice yet. Loft conditions are mehh but good to know if it’s out there

Thanks for any help
John Prater
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Re: Lamb Slide and loft conditions

Post by John Prater »

Photo of Lambs Slide from yesterday here and some conditions info for the Loft here (sorry if you were looking for conditions prior to today - just saw this).
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Re: Lamb Slide and loft conditions

Post by Stratosfearsome »

Thanks for the beta!
Nobody climbs 14ers anymore, they’re too crowded.
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