6/16 Summit Lake parking pass

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6/16 Summit Lake parking pass

Post by MattDelSur »

I have an 8:00am Summit Lake parking pass for Sunday, June 16 and am looking to bag Blue Sky and potentially Bierstadt depending on the snow.

Anyone want to join? I’ll drive. You don’t even have to pay for gas. I’m going regardless and would enjoy the camaraderie.

I’m coming to Denver from low country; I have some (ok, lots but most of it old and useless) climbing experience; I have a gluttonous appetite for suffering.

I have a helmet but no spikes. I’d like to climb one of the harder routes, but have no idea what to expect regarding conditions.

You’d basically be using me for my parking pass and effervescent conversation. And I’m totally cool with that.
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Re: 6/16 Summit Lake parking pass

Post by bosnian2014 »

I am interested. I have spare set of spikes.
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