Columbia - This Sunday (5/19)

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Columbia - This Sunday (5/19)

Post by mountainlover153 »

Hey all -

I'm planning on hitting Columbia on Sunday and wanted to see if anyone wants to join. So far, I've solo-attempted the SE ridge 3 times and made it to 13,200. I turned around due to an incoming storm. I hike 1-2 mph in snow conditions (moderate pace). I am comfortable soloing the ridge, but I want to do the SW Couloir - and would prefer a buddy for that. I have soloed a couple of couloirs but I prefer not doing so.

If you're interested, I'd like us to start early. Freezing levels will be btwn 13.5K and 12.3K ft from now until Sunday morning. By mid-Sunday, freezing level is above 14K. So the Couloir is going to be best done at sunrise, or before - to then arrive on the ridge at sunrise (epic view), to get the coldest/firmest snow. I'd like to put one car at N Cottonwood Creek, and one at Harvard Lakes. If conditions suggest descending the couloir would be unfavorable, we could take the ridge down as a plan B and use that car to go back to Cottonwood Creek to get the other vehicle. If conditions are favorable, we'd descend the couloir.

Start time target would be 230-330AM (am a bit flexible here), and must be back at the car no later than 3PM (early work on Monday).

If you're interested, let me know!

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