Dog Trampled by Moose

Dogs, dogs and even some cats
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Dog Trampled by Moose

Post by Been_Jammin »

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Re: Dog Trampled by Moose

Post by timisimaginary »

really sad story. they don't say outright whether the dog was on a leash or not, but it certainly sounds like he was unleashed.
keeping dogs on leashes helps protect wildlife from them. sometimes it helps protect them from wildlife too.
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Re: Dog Trampled by Moose

Post by highpilgrim »

I’m sorry; I like dogs and regret their loss.

But natural selection is real, and this dog owner issue led to this selection.

Bad owner, not bad dog.
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Re: Dog Trampled by Moose

Post by XterraRob »

A rescue team was called in for this? Jesus christ people are retarded.
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