Need help selecting backcountry camp site for Longs Attempt!

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Re: Need help selecting backcountry camp site for Longs Attempt!

Post by justiner » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:14 pm

Usually there's a trickle underneath the talus near the Boulderfield, and the Dove holds snow for a while. Water flowing from the creek next to the Jim Grove turnoff is usually running year round.
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Re: Need help selecting backcountry camp site for Longs Attempt!

Post by markf » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:36 pm

Where are you coming from, and what time do you expect to arrive? If you're not acclimated, you're quite possibly not going to sleep especially well at 12,000 feet in the Boulderfield. Add in the cold and wind at higher elevation and a night at the Boulderfield is not going to be as comfortable as a night lower down in GF. Then factor in the need to haul your overnight gear up there and back down. Goblin Forest is a very pleasant, secluded location with a good water supply nearby. Having slept in both locations, I would take Goblin Forest, but that's just me.
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Re: Need help selecting backcountry camp site for Longs Attempt!

Post by ltlFish99 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:42 pm

I have slept under a rock by chasm lake. It was a little small for me and a friend.

It was also very beautiful. The camel gully provides access to the boulder field from chasm lake.
I spent 2 nights in goblin forest with 3 brothers from new Jersey. They loved it. Much better than sleeping in the Car at the trailhead. The lower campgrounds were full, so we we to goblin.

I spent the night in the boulder field in March, we had at least a foot of snow that night, woke up to 70 mph winds with snow which put an end to our planned cables route adventure. In summer this is a crowded place.
My favorite place to camp before a longs hike was black lake. It was in February and was wonderful.
You cannot camp there in the summer as far as I know.
The only time I have spent the night in glacier gorge in the summer we bivied on a large rock below spearhead.
On the winter trip from black lake, we took the trough route on great snow and had a good time. Nobody at all other than us on the summit.
As previously stated, the nice things about goblin are privacy as it is off the trail, and a water source.
Enjoy your adventure on my favorite 14er.
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