Capitol Lake Camp Sites

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Re: Capitol Lake Camp Sites

Post by globreal »

Fissel wrote:Does anyone know what the trail conditiokns are like this weekend heading up the capitol creek trail?
I just got back from climbing Snowmass Peak over Memorial Day weekend. The snowline is basically at 10,000 feet. So you can expect dry/snowfree trail pretty much up to that elevation. From there on, you can expect snow...bring your snowshoes or skis if going up to Capitol Lake.
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Re: Capitol Lake Camp Sites

Post by jaquetcj »

It seems my inquiry on the same subject a few years later resulted in ... 083864.pdf

Best is subjective, but here's the map! :thumbup:
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Re: Capitol Lake Camp Sites

Post by seannunn »

Fair warning for everyone: if I am reading the website correctly, reservations for Capitol Lake, Snowmass Lake, Crater Lake, Four Passes Loop, Conundrum Springs, etc. for August-October open at 8am today for reservations.

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