CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Colorado peak questions, condition requests and other info.
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by 14erFred »

An inspiring effort under extreme duress! Sorry that circumstances derailed your quest for the FKT, Brett. Hope you return to full strength soon. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by JosephG »

mtgirl wrote: Get well, Brett, then come back again for another stab at it. You're an inspirational athlete. With enough notice, you'll be sure to receive a lot of support from this community on your next attempt. You may not realize it, but you make us mere mortals push a little harder and out of our own comfort zones by witnessing your awesomeness.
fahixson wrote:Get better soon, Brett! It's fun and inspiring to follow along as you and others set out to accomplish amazing feats. Hope you give it another shot next year or as soon as you are ready!
Absolutely. Very impressive performance. Your effort demands greater motivation for us in our endeavors. Keep us posted on a future attempt; many of us would love to help if we can!
That asthma is a tricky business; sorry it reared up here.
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James Scott
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by James Scott »

It feels like the scene when Superman gets hit with the kryptonite.

There are times when you do everything right- prepare, train, put yourself in the best position possible- but then luck just goes against you. Brett accomplished more in his "failure" than 99.99% of people will ever be able to do on the peaks. He has my admiration and respect, whether he takes another shot at it or not. It also gives Andrew's record a new perspective and level of achievement. Thanks to both of them for so much they have given to this community over the last few weeks.

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San Juan Ron
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by San Juan Ron »

Brett, great effort!!!!!!

IF you attempt this again next year, there are lots of 14er members that would be willing to assist with a bit of advance notice (if possible!).

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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by IHikeLikeAGirl »

Sorry to read that this attempt has ended for you.

Please let us know in advance when you might try this again and you will have people coming out of the woodwork to crew for you!

Get well and best of luck to you Brett!
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by jdorje »

Great try. Next year?
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by Oman »

Congrats on a gutsy try. Really inspirational to see someone from sea level put up these kinds of times. Tell your friends at Barkley what it's like to hike 14ers.
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Phill the Thrill
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by Phill the Thrill »

Brett, so sorry to hear this and wishing you a speedy recovery. Just to underscore what others have said - I'd be happy to help out on a future attempt, so please don't hesitate to let us know if you're going to make another attempt.
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by mountaingoat-G »

I have not climbed that amount of 14ers in ten years...
pretty mind-blowing
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by buckeyejes »

It's too bad you had to stop on this attempt, but health is always more important! Thanks for another inspirational run, and for letting me procrastinate at work for some extra days!! ;) Hopefully we get to see another attempt next year! :)
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by RobertKay »

Brett, I was very saddened to see you succumb to health problems but there is certainly no shame in this. Your performance was mind-blowing up until the asthma set in, and in fact was still mind-blowing even with it flaring up. I was grinding out another hour on the Stairmaster yesterday afternoon and I thought of you when I felt tempted to get off a little early. You are an inspiration for a lot of people. Thank you! You've proven you have the physical ability to do this, now you just need some better luck and perhaps a larger crew.

I agree with all the other postings here: please give us some advance notice on your next try and we will come out in droves to help you.

Andrew: I was impressed again with your sportsmanship and grace throughout Brett's attempt. You guys both make me proud to be a climber. Now if only I was even half as good as you two...
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Re: CO 14er FKT Attempt (Maune)

Post by MountainHiker »

Brett, sorry to see you had to stop this attempt. I can't even imagine how tough it must be, not just to keep going when common sense would tell you it's time to rest. But to have to stop when your body won't let you continue must be heartbreaking. But this is the reality of this quest. We've been seeing multiple attempts end with the physical reality of being mortal. You gave it a good run.
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