Weekend Hike?

Need a climbing partner? Trying to form a hiking group for an outing?
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Weekend Hike?

Postby jeredb28 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:07 pm

Hey everybody! I am just wondering if anyone is going hiking either Saturday or Sunday morning and leaving from Denver. My car is in the shop and has been for some time now and I need to get out and hike haha. I wanted to do Greys and Torreys or any 14er really if I can tag along with someone. I'll pitch in for gas money too that's not a problem. Keep me posted and hopefully hiking soon!
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Re: Weekend Hike?

Postby CindyCheng » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:05 pm

Any way to reach trailhead easily? My car is not high-clearance.
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Re: Weekend Hike?

Postby drhikerman » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:55 pm

Thinking about Greys and Torrys via Kelso Ridge this Sunday. Did the ridge a couple of years ago, but would prefer to have a partner. I can drive. I'm in Littleton.
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