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Upload Your Photos to the 14ers.com Peak Pages

Postby BillMiddlebrook » Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:43 am

It's Here!

You can now upload your 14er photos to the 14ers.com photo pages. On a 14er page, look for the "More Photos" button to view photos upload by forum users. Then click on the "Add Your Photo" button to start uploading:
Image Image
During the upload process, the system will re-size your photo to 640 pixels wide (or 640 high for portrait photos), and adjust JPG Compression. Photos are then displayed as thumbnails on the "More Photos" page off of the main 14er page. Only registered forum users can upload photos, so you will be required to enter your username and password to get to the photo upload page.
There are a couple of restrictions: For now, each forum user can upload 10 photos per peak. If you hit the 10 photo maximum for a peak, you can still upload, the upload process will simply remove your oldest upload for that peak/group. This restriction will likely change as the upload area evolves.

Click here to Upload Photos Now

Photo Upload Guidelines:
- 14er Peak photos
- Route/terrain photos
- Summit photos as long as they focus on peaks/terrain
- People-only or animal-only photos
- Photos that might be offensive
- Non-photos (maps, etc.)
- Images that are copyrighted
- Images from other sites (not belonging to you)
Do not upload images that are not appropriate for this site. If you do, your Forum account will be disabled.

Photo Upload Restrictions and Hints:
- 5.0 Megapixel Max Resolution (2592x1944)
- 4 Megabyte Max File Upload Size (to reduce server load)
- If you have a JPEG image with a "JPEG" extension, rename the file to have a "JPG" extension.
- Photo Re-sizing: If the photos from your digital camera are 3 Megapixels, you can probably upload them to 14ers.com without prior manipulation. If your photo is larger than 5 Megapixels, you will have to use Image Editing Software (Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop LE, Paintshop, etc.) to, at least, re-size your photo. Many new computers come with free image-editing software.
- Dialup Users should definitely try to re-size photos down to the 640-pixel maximum. If not, you will have very long upload times.
- JPEG Compression: If you are editing your photo, you do not have to lower the JPEG Compression below 100% unless you want to make a smaller file for a faster upload. The 14ers.com upload program automatically adjusts the compression on all photos to reduce the file size.
- Sharpening is not always necessary but may provide a better looking image if you also re-size it down to 640 pixels before uploading.
- For Best Results: Modify your photo (size, sharpness, colors, etc.) to how you want it ultimately displayed. Don't forget, the maximum width/height of 640 pixels is the most important item here.
- Photo Name: After the upload, your photo will be changed to have a unique name on the site. Your original photo name will not be displayed on the 14ers pages.

Managing Your Uploads:
At the top of the Uploads Page, there is a link for "Your Uploads". Click it to view all of the photos you have uploaded to the 14ers.com photos pages. There is also a DELETE option if you want to remove any of your photos. If you upload a photo and decide to change it, no problem. Use the DELETE option to remove the old photo before uploading again.

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