Overlanding/Trail Rig Camping Recomendations

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Overlanding/Trail Rig Camping Recomendations

Post by kwhit24 »

Recently, I had a Lone Peak Camper (https://www.lonepeakoverland.com/produc ... eak-camper) installed on my Ranger that I've been waiting on for over 15 months. It's similar to the GFC but cheaper with better upgrades albeit a new company based in Washington instead of Bozeman. Anyways, I have been kicking around a lot of different ideas on improvements and add-ons I can make to it so I want to see what others are using that they really like. My longest camping weekends are about 4 days and usually involve multiple trailheads while chasing peaks. Benefit with this set up is I can still get on a fair amount of 4wd trails while being more comfortable and more minimal than a pull behind or insert bed camper. So what are some ideas or products you use to improve your camp set up?

These are some things I'm initially looking at:

- OVS 270 (Seen good reviews and seems like good quality even with a decent price tag)

Power Set Up
- Need help on this but looking at a DAKOTA LITHIUM 12V 54AH DEEP CYCLE LIFEPO4 BATTERY to power the Juicebox Power Center that I got with my camper. I think I need to get an inverter too for additional power plug ins
- I'm also looking at the portable power systems like Jackery or Bluetti on FB Marketplace if there is a good deal. These don't last as long both for charging things but also life of the battery

Diesel Heater
- Probably going to one of the cheaper ones off Amazon but for my minimal use I think it would work (VEVOR Diesel Air Heater All-in-one 12V 8KW)

- most like going to DIY this one. There are some very good videos on YouTube about this using heavy duty double sliding drawers
- GearVault through Lone Peak (Getting installed soon)
- Looking at some totes Front Runner Flat Packs or Rux (much more expensive)

- Solo Stove or Pop Up Pit (half the cost) both are good for getting a campfire in remote or wet conditions. Used a Solo Stove this past weekend and the lack of smoke and ease of use was awesome

- Devos LightRanger is a telescoping camp light with different light color options so maybe something similar to that
- Also string camp lights

- I have a 22" Blackstone that I brought on a few peak bagging trips last year and worked really well
- Jet boil Genesis probably don't need this since I have a Blackstone but having burners is nice

- Probably don't need anything new since I have a few cheap ones but curious on any recommendations

Let's see your set ups and hear your ideas!
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Re: Overlanding/Trail Rig Camping Recomendations

Post by Ryan P »

I don't have any recs, I just want to say that is one sexy beast.
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Re: Overlanding/Trail Rig Camping Recomendations

Post by mtree »

An elevator.

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