night sky pictures

Camera equipment and technique for taking photos.
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Re: night sky pictures

Post by Candace66 »

Full moon as seen from near Minnipa, South Australia on May 28, 2018. (Click for larger version.) Might look slightly unusual to most folks here. :wink:

ImageFull Moon - South Australia on Flickr
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Re: night sky pictures

Post by Sugar Madison »

nyker wrote: Sun Jan 08, 2023 10:29 am Anyone have any shots of the aurora, particularly within the northern continental U.S. (I know, rare to see them that far south most years)? But with entering a solar maximum, was thinking we might get better chances of seeing them now. I've seen recent geomagnetic activity with K values of 4/5 recently.
Maybe places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, NY, new England, etc...
We went up to central Wyoming for the big CME a few weeks back. It was absolutely mind blowing!
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