Climbing Partners for California 14ers

14ers in California and Washington state or any other peak in the USA
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Re: Climbing Partners for California 14ers

Post by triyoda »

I guess this is really late notice, but I have a permit to head up Big Pine to do Middle Palisade and Sill on June 17 and 18 and then also for Split (planned summit June 21). I am not worried about Split, not sure what Middle Palisade or Sill is going to look like in terms of snow. I am doing Mt. Dana (Dana Couloir) on Saturday for a warmup. If for some reason you are interested,
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Re: Climbing Partners for California 14ers

Post by snowslogger »

I’m planning to climb Williamson/Tyndall via Shephard’s Pass in early September or late August and wouldn’t mind someone else along as I’m trying to minimize the solo adventures when possible. Planning to hike in to Anvil Camp the 1st day, up to one of the lakes by Shepherd Pass and likely climbing Tyndall the 2nd day, climbing Williamson the 3rd day, and either heading out that day or the next. I have reservations for 2 for 9/7 through 9/11.

I’m pretty experienced, 61, in shape, climbed the Cascade volcanoes, state highpoints, misc. other mtns, mostly in Washington and Oregon. I’m in Portland. Let me know if you have any interest in meeting up in California. I will be in Lake Tahoe the week before with a car, then heading down the day before heading in.
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