Looking for Experienced Partners for *potentially* Finishing the 14ers

Need a climbing partner? Trying to form a hiking group for an outing?
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Looking for Experienced Partners for *potentially* Finishing the 14ers

Post by climbingyogi »

Hi 14er community!

I decided recently that I'd like to start 'knocking out the last 14ers on my list' (I kinda hate that phrase though as I throroughly enjoy being out in nature and I am not really in a rush). I've taken my time with them over the last two years after discovering that hiking with my dog is my number 1 priority.

However, my dog is starting to slow down a little bit this year and I'd like to take a couple trips this summer without him. I've hiked 44/58 unique 14ers (and several 13ers) and 20+ repeats of class 1s/2s with my pup. I've completed the Bells Traverse, Crestone Traverse, and the 5.8R route up The Prow (Kit Carson Peak). I'm looking for partners who are also comfortable with scrambling and exposure.

Most of my remaining peaks are in the San Juans, but here's the full list:

1) Longs (been avoiding it due to the dog thing) - don't really need to have a partner for it but wouldn't mind one
2) Capitol
3) Snowmass
4) Wilson Group
5) Chicago Basin Group
6) Wetterhorn
7) Handies (definitely don't need a partner and will probably go with my dog)
8) Lindsey (obviously can't do right now though)

Feel free to DM me if any of these interest you! I have a very flexible work schedule and can make weekdays work a lot of the time, as well as weekends. Thanks :)
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