Dogs: Respiratory Illness on Front Range

Dogs, dogs and even some cats
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Dogs: Respiratory Illness on Front Range

Post by greenonion »

Beware of an ongoing upper respiratory disease/syndrome that is affecting dogs along the Front Range... ... ss-canine/
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Re: Dogs: Respiratory Illness on Front Range

Post by Cool Hand Luke »

My dogs caught this in early June, and it is no joke. One dog was extremely sick for 3 months and had to be hospitalized at the local vet, and the illness progressed to pneumonia...twice. The other dog was definitely sick, and symptoms lingered for 3 months, but she never had to be hospitalized. Antibiotics seemed to provide temporary relief and recovery, but the dogs always seemed to become ill again, even when isolated from other dogs and staying at home. Finally in October we were very gradually able to ease back into our daily walk routine.

Two side notes - the illness progressed and lingered enough that we took the really sick dog to CSU (linked the in the OP article), but the Vet pretty much brushed off the lingering symptoms and said he seemed fine...

Second side note - we have pet insurance through Lemonade and they have been excellent on paying for every claim made through the ongoing illness.
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Re: Dogs: Respiratory Illness on Front Range

Post by Wentzl »

I wondered what they were going to do with all those Covid boosters.

Problem solved.

thread hijack. I just got my cat spayed and the vet administered a does of painkiller that was supposed to last for three days. The drug is Zorbium.

Pet Owners. Do not, under any circumstance, allow your pet to be dosed with this drug. My cat went on an insane three day bad acid trip. I called the vet and said she was acting like a meth head on a killing spree. How she did not die of a heart attack I have no idea. Midway through the ordeal, when we brought her back to the vet to inquire about her condition, they told us she went BLIND!

No, she is not blind, but has made a pretty good recovery. Still edgy, aggressive and paranoid, like someone brain damaged after too much acid.
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Re: Dogs: Respiratory Illness on Front Range

Post by peter303 »

Dr. Google said there are no known cases of humans catching this respiratory illness from dogs. But perhaps humans are silent carriers passing it between dogs.

There were a small number of documented cases of covid-19 passed by humans to dogs.

A few chicken workers caught the latest bird flu H5N1 from their sick birds. But no documented cases of H5N1 between humans. Zoos have locked up their birds for months to avoid catching this deadly flu from overflying bird droppings.
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