What’s your favorite piece of gear

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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by ltlFish99 »

Mine are more from a nostalgic perspective as they are ancient and 2 have been finally replaced.

I had a dana design bomb pack for over 20 years I used as a day pack and it was great++.
It has been replaced with a mystery ranch version of the bomb pack.
My original hiking boots from 1987 were Merrels, they are on the 4th sole, cannot be resold again.
They have approximately 3200 miles on them, and I still take them out for a hike 1 or 2 times per year just for the memories. Best $110 i have ever spent.
They have been replaced by oboz boots.
My VE-25 tent. I was my favorite vacation home for over 30 years. I finally purchased a lighter weight marmot 1 person tent.

Currently my favorite piece of gear from this century is a cheap, very comfortable twin mattress for the back of my Durango. This allows me to enjoy a wonderful nights rest at trailheads, prior to hiking adventures.
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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by a forest »

NatDog wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:12 pm Reviving one of my favorite threads to mention two new pieces of gear that I picked up this year and love so far.

1. Two-person Bothy Bag
- Received this as a Christmas gift and have carried it as my emergency shelter ever since. I've found it useful in non-emergency situations as well. I hiked Cupid Peak in January with the temperature hovering near 0F and winds around 25 mph. I pulled out the bothy bag on the summit to get out of the wind for a snack break and it made a huge difference. I was able to eat and drink with my gloves off. I also used it a few weeks ago on my failed attempt of Mt. Columbia. I decided to turn around at treeline but it was still only 9AM. I had only slept an hour or so the night before so I slept in the bag for a bit before heading back down. Perfectly comfortable inside. It also only takes about 30 seconds to pack it back up after use. At 13 oz, I plan to continue to carry it throughout the spring and summer, especially on high wind forecast days.

Ahah...both of these stories
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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by nyker »

* A Buff
* My original North Face Fleece jacket, which is approaching 20yrs old now.
* a good hat, ballcap for warm days, fleece hat for other days
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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by Hiking_TheRockies »

Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by ker0uac »

eat 'em up eat 'em up eat 'em up eat 'em up
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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by stephakett »

(assuming my dog doesn’t count as “gear”)
lasportiva footwear and upstep inserts.
*i’m walking on sunshine WOOOOAAAAHHHHH*
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Re: What’s your favorite piece of gear

Post by aholle88 »

Eddie Bauer Sandstone Backbone Hoody. Basically the EB version of the R1, except only $75 when they do their half off sales. I bought a 2nd one almost immediately after the first day in it, it’s really the perfect layer combined with a light smart wool t shirt. Did several winter summits car to car with this only, maybe used the Houdini once and Rab down at the summits. The Houdini is another great piece, combined with the EB hoody if it gets windy, I’ve never felt the need for a burlier hardshell/softshell jacket after using this combo.

I’ll second the Costco hiking poles as well! Light + cork for $30, get a few pair when you see them because you are still spending less than one BD pair of basically similar quality.

Edit to add: Alti Mitts. Total game changer for winter, I would almost say it’s a must have, especially if you have Raynauds or other cold sensitivity.
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