Sleeping on a Peak: What it Takes

Colorado peak questions, condition requests and other info.
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Sleeping on a Peak: What it Takes

Post by cougar »

Think Dr Jon set the standard, but for those checking these off, do you have to sleep exactly on the summit? Sunset to sunrise, or minimum number of hours sleeping on each summit to qualify? Tent or bivy?

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Re: Sleeping on a Peak: What it Takes

Post by pvnisher »

There's a community consensus on the rules, although no one actually agrees on them. But if you don't claim to follow Dr Jon rules, you're clearly a noob and a new generation poseur.
You must sleep for 8 hours, with smart watch verification. It's called SLEEPING on the summit, not LAYING on the summit.
If you don't sleep, it doesn't count. All the Z icons on your noob checklist don't count.
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Jim Davies
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Re: Sleeping on a Peak: What it Takes

Post by Jim Davies »

Do the sleep hours have to be at night, or could you sleep from 9 am to 5 pm? And what's Dr Jon's definition of "night" (since he's making the rules)? Sunset to sunrise? Civil, nautical or astronomical twilight?
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Re: Sleeping on a Peak: What it Takes

Post by jmanner »

If you're not blasted off the summit because of an afternoon thuderstorm, it doesnt count.
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Re: Sleeping on a Peak: What it Takes

Post by peter303 »

When I heard him talk some time ago, the criterium was to photograph the sunset and sunrise from the peak, if possible.
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