? negative health effects of thru-hiking ?

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Re: ? negative health effects of thru-hiking ?

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As someone who has spent the last 7 years thru-hiking for usually 6 months of the year, I would say that thru-hiking isn't great for the body for most thru-hikers. I see it as a battle of attrition with the body. I'm always hoping that I finish my hike before I get injured as a result of pounding out thousands of miles on a poor diet. When I get home every year, I'm in recovery mode to get my body actually healthy and ready for the next season. Going from my thru-hiking staples of peanuts/peanut butter (healthiest food in my diet), chocolate, ramen, potato chips, candy, etc to a well-balanced diet consisting of none of that and very little junk food.
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Re: ? negative health effects of thru-hiking ?

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Reduce toxic inflammation. Eat more real plants.
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