Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund

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Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund

Post by denvermikey » Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:56 am

My wife and I were the last people to see Ben alive on the day he died while hiking in the San Juan Mountains. Although our encounter was brief, we could tell he was an outstanding young man and was truly enjoying was he was doing. After attending the memorial service and listening to his friends and family, our initial thoughts were not only confirmed but magnified. In his (too) short time on earth, he touched many lives and brightened many days.

The following was written by his family. Please read and consider this worthwhile cause:

Ben Brownlee loved hiking, his girlfriend Hannah, challenging himself to reach his goals, and exploring Colorado's majestic peaks (specifically the 13ers and 14ers). He died less than a month ago in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado doing what he loved.

In an effort to save other adventurous spirits who are called to the mountains, Ben's family has set up the Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund.

This fund will assist the #HinsdaleCounty Search and Rescue efforts, which Ben's family is incredibly thankful for. Hinsdale County is remote and their SAR team is missing very important tools that can make the next search and rescue efforts safer for everyone!

Please click on the link to learn more about Ben, his Legacy, and details about how the Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund is planning to be used to help search and rescue efforts.


PLEASE donate if you can! Your contribution (NO MATTER THE AMOUNT) will save lives!

"The need is vast but contributions of any size are extremely valuable as $60 purchases an avalanche probe that could save someone’s life. High-altitude drones with FLIR capabilities are a reach item with a $200,000 retail price but would be able to quickly search rocky, steep terrain that would take hours on foot when every minute counts. We are working closely with Hinsdale County Search & Rescue leaders to identify & prioritize their needs. Some items could be shared with other SAR teams in the region."


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Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund
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Re: Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund

Post by Trotter » Wed Nov 04, 2020 7:28 pm

I am all about funding and equipping the SAR people. Here is what I don't understand about the memorial fund. The part I underlined.

"Purpose of Memorial Fund

To properly equip and train the all-volunteer Hinsdale County Search & Rescue Team and needs of other first responders. Further, and to the extent available, to assist with funding the acquisition and improvements to the proposed Lake San Cristobal Peninsula Park. This Park would preserve a scenic, 10-acre parcel, currently planned for recreational use, as a permanent and accessible public open space on Lake San Cristobal near the area where Ben was hiking when he died. A small memorial is planned on this site"

So some? of the money will make a park and memorial at the lake near Lake City?
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Re: Ben Brownlee Memorial Fund

Post by XterraRob » Wed Nov 04, 2020 7:51 pm

RIP - M56
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