Pingora Peak Tragedy

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Pingora Peak Tragedy

Post by CaptCO »

RIP Janette Heung (Boulder resident) ... id=US%3Aen
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Re: Pingora Peak Tragedy

Post by Mountainsroam_2012 »

Now that is some horrible luck.. That mountain has killed 3 others since 2015..
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Re: Pingora Peak Tragedy

Post by Jorts »

"On September 5th 2020 Janette Heung fell 400 ft. to her death after a melon-sized rock fell from above and cut both the dyneema sling and 1-inch tubular webbing that together made up the rappel anchor into which she was clipped. Janette was rappeling the South Buttress rappels of Pingora after climbing the East face with me, her climbing partner, Josh Digrugilliers, and two other climbers, Colin Landeck and Stephen Miller. We had decided the rappels would be quicker if we tied our two ropes together and used the rappel stations climber's left of the S. Buttress. Janette and I had used this station two days prior without issue.

The rockfall most likely originated from pulling the rope from the first rappel at the ledge atop the South Buttress of Pingora. All four of us were clipped in to the second and last rappel anchor which consisted of a new double-length dyneema sling from this season, a bit of tubular webbing which was sun-damaged but could have been from this season, and a new Mallion connecting the two. The boulder was slung atop, as a horn would be slung, with only enough slack to clip a few personal locking carabiners into. Colin was pulling the rope from the first rappel when I heard him say "Rock." I think I grabbed the nested slings of the old rappel anchor to the left of the anchor to which we were clipped in, no more than old webbing, slings, and a rusty quick link. I did not see the rock strike the anchor but I heard the tensioned sling and webbing break. I saw Janette fall backward, no longer connected to anything. Stephen fell backward as well but caught himself on a sling connected to my harness. Colin and I rebuilt the anchor to continue the rappel so we could provide first aid to Janette. Colin used his inreach to call for a rescue and began relaying information to TipTop.

I went down first and found that Janette was unresponsive, not breathing but with a pulse . I attempted chest compressions and rescue breaths while Stephen and Colin made their way down to Janette and I. Together we provided CPR for 1.5 hours before TipTop finally got to us via helicopter and took over."

This is horrifying. Sorry to all involved.
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Re: Pingora Peak Tragedy

Post by Peak200 »

Rip that’s a horrible tragedy
All the best wishes for the family
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Re: Pingora Peak Tragedy

Post by Dan_Suitor »

Very tragic. My condolences to her friends and family.
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