14ers.com Store Closing

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rob runkle
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Re: 14ers.com Store Closing

Post by rob runkle »

DenneyR wrote:14.com window decal no longer available either?
Yeah, I do some ebay sales, and for $10 items, it is a PITA. But, easy drop in the mailbox items like window stickers, patches, etc.. are not too bad. Just have them ready to go. Hit print on the address and drop in the box.

Of course, then $3 items are more of a PITA. Consider the marketing aspect of it though, I guess.

Or, hand the job off to a loyal minion... :)
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Re: 14ers.com Store Closing

Post by DeTour »

^^ this. Someone who is into it, good at it, could make a go of it. Some kind of arrangement similar to the store kickbacks, with rights to the logo for the apparel marketer, and a % to the .com. Whaddyathink Bill?
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Re: 14ers.com Store Closing

Post by MtnLover »

Bill - I would be willing to help out with the store so you can just focus on the keeping the site itself up and running.
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