Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

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Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by dubv1 » ... 0720234496

That is quite the epic you had. Heal up, sir. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I'm guessing you reaped the benefits of choosing a partner who does not suck.
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by letourneau41 »

Get well soon!
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by Alpineair »

Holy crap! Did that happen on Longs?
Wish you the best with your recovery!
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by AndrewLyonsGeibel »

That's wild. Hope you heal quickly. If it can happen to him ...
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by Scott P »

Yikes! Get well soon!
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by kushrocks »

Was really sorry to hear about this but want to publicly wish the man who has taught me more about big mountain climbing than anyone else a speedy recovery. Its been an honor to call you my friend. Get well soon buddy.
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Alan Arnette
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by Alan Arnette »


Thanks for the thread and good wishes. This is what happened last Friday.

I had a bit of an incident on Friday February 10, 2017 around noon.

Jim Davidson and I were on Twin Sisters Peak, an 11,000 foot walk-up outside of Estes Park Colorado we regularly use for training as the trail is mostly below treeline, relatively smooth and in winter, has manageable snow conditions.

It was around noon when we reached treeline in high winds. We put on additional warm layers, took off our snowshoes and slowly gained elevation across a talas field of about 15 degree angle. It was strewn with small to medium size rocks with the occasional boulder.

After 200 yards the wind began gusting. Jim and I huddled, discussed the conditions and decided to turn back ASAP.

As I was walking back towards treeline, out of no where a gust estimated near 100 mph swept me off my feet and pummeled me into the rocks.

I went airborne about 8 feet and downhill about 20 before coming to rest on my left side, head uphill, in the most sharply intense, indescribable pain of my life.

My tibia was broken in 3 places and once across the fibula. The break was called angular meaning the bones were going in the wrong directions. Thankfully no bone fragments broke thru the skin so there was no bleeding. But I did break my nose. As I gathered my thoughts I was in a pool of crimson blood gushing from my nose.

Jim came scrambling towards me trying calm my anguished screams with a comforting "Alan, I'm here with you. I'm here. "

For the next 4 hours Jim was with me showing once again what a loving, skilled and trusted friend he is. He called 911 which put him in touch with the NPS. Working with the Larimer County SAR and another SAR - all told 40 volunteers got to us after lying in the rocks for 4 hours. There is more to this section that's but for a later time.

They continued to demonstrate competence, professionalism and care as they placed my injured leg in an inflatable cast to stabilize the injury. This was perhaps one of the most painful moments beyond the break itself. Eventually they put me in a sled, covered with warm coverings.

Looking around from my sled I became overwhelmed that these volunteers would choose to spend their Friday night helping me. It was all I could do to hold it together.

It took 5.5 hours, I think, to get me down. They were generous with the pain meds as my tibia is broken in 3 places and my face was throbbing. I didn't know till later that I had a puncture wound in my left shin that required stapes to close.

SAR is a skilled group of professionals that I always appreciated but now more than ever. Same for the NPS Rangers who were first on the scene.

Almost 24 hours after the wind kissed me on the cheek, I awoke in the recovery room after surgery. The x-rays tell the medical story.

These things happen. But it obviously puts an end to my Dhaulagiri April climb that I was going to announce today as a way of raising awareness and research funds for Alzheimer's along with the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. I was climbing with Kami and Mingma Sherpa from Dreamers Destinations.

I'm in good spirits and will embrace this as another opportunity in my life to learn, grow and share. I hope to work with Jim for a brief retrospective of the incident as there are many lessons with sharing.

My circle of family, friends and those whom I care so deeply about are by my side as I take the next step.

Climb On!
Alan (not Mr Arnette :)
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by fepic1 »

Hi Allen, What an Awesome partner and volunteers. Glad to hear you got down. You have some serious work ahead coming back from that ass kicking :-). Put a Steak on that eye it Would look better. I could use some help from you and cowbell up Mt Meeker in September this year if your rehab allows. Get well, so you can climb on. John
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by RobertKay »

Heal up tough guy! I'm sorry for this setback in your plans.
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by globreal »

I posted on your FB post but I'll do so here as well.
Alan, 100 mph wind gusts could have thrown anybody! So sorry to hear of this awful set back. I know you must be really disappointed that your Dhaulagiri April climb is not going to happen to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research. Praise God you had such a reliable partner in Jim Davidson and that he was by your side throughout this. You are such an inspiration to so many in this climbing community. I am honored to know you have you as a climbing friend. I will pray for a quick and full recovery.
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Tim A
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by Tim A »


Best wishes to you and prayers for a speedy recovery. I've followed your mountaineering path with your Everest attempts and summit since the early 2000s and then watched your K2 expedition in complete awe. You truly are an inspiration to many and I hope I can continue achieving my mountaineering goals as late in life as you've continued to achieve yours. Hope you heal up quickly and are back doing what you love soon.
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Re: Get well soon, Mr. Arnette

Post by RyGuy »


I am glad to hear you will be ok and am also glad you were hiking with a solid and trusted partner! (They are worth their weight in gold!)

Heal up quickly and I look forward to seeing you out on the high peaks again soon!

Best wishes,
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