Kedrowski: 2016 Ski Project Controversy

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Re: JK's 2016 Ski Project

Post by Cruiser »

Dr Scientist over at tgr recently posted this article that seems pretty pertinent. Don't think I saw it already in this thread. ... t-crossing" onclick=";return false;
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Re: JK's 2016 Ski Project

Post by brett.t.burch »

Seriously though, if you don't get the shot, did it happen? Gotta get that footy for the booooooyyyzz, and the monetize it if you can.
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Re: JK's 2016 Ski Project

Post by TallGrass »

Seems claims by Jon Kedrowski (using his Wikipedia alias "ChrisJones25") about camping and skiing Cascade volcano summits are now also called into question. Per "Seattle Skier":

"Definitely did not ski "from the top of the 20 highest Cascade Volcanoes", as several of 20 highest are not skiable from summit, plus he did not summit Mt Scott, nor even attempt those in BC (Plinth, Meager, Garibaldi), also ref says camped atop 7 not 10"

Someone also added "self promotor" to his description (later removed), and the latest change is that he slept near, not on, all the CO 14ers. :-k Nothing regarding skiing and Colorado 14ers within X days, yet, though wouldn't be surprised if a book (by JK) is in the works, which newspaper writer will cite, then JK as CJ25 will cite on Wiki as "independent proof." #CircularReferenceArgument
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Re: JK's 2016 Ski Project

Post by highpilgrim »

TallGrass wrote:Seems claims by...
Tallgrass, you should just quit this and become a TMZ reporter. Somebody has to do it, I guess. Why not someone as gifted at ambulance chasing as you?
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Re: JK's 2016 Ski Project

Post by PaliKona »

Yeah, I highly doubt he actually slept on Sunlight's actual summit, based on all this.