WTF? Moose poacher at Grand Lake

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Re: WTF? Moose poacher at Grand Lake

Postby ajkagy » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:58 pm

lordhelmut wrote:Yeah, its a total long shot. Who carries a gun around in a rural sub division parking lot? Or has it readily available in time to hit all 3 moose, 2 of which were probably not threatening at all. Unless he had an automatic rifle.

i know a lot of people around here that carry a rifle and/or pistol in their truck most of the time. Also hunting season, but no self respecting hunter would do anything like this. semi rifle probably for sure, and maybe taken the time to load it since it's illegal to have a round chambered in a long gun in your car. Could have been a pistol, but hard to hit a target at distance and even harder to take down big game. Can rule out poachers since poachers would have taken the meat or whatever.
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Re: WTF? Moose poacher at Grand Lake

Postby pills2619 » Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:40 pm

Very sad and annoying especially considering I spent the whole week trying to shoot an elk the legal way and had no luck. Last year I ended up stocking a moose(hoping it was an elk) and ended up spending twenty minutes about 30 yards from this guy just completely awed by how majestic of an animal it is. I have yet to shoot an elk but I can't wait to be able to feed myself and my friends with meat that was 'happy', a nice change from the supermarket meat I can barely afford now. In my opinion anyone who kills an animal without a need is equivalent to killing a person without a need(pretty much killing not pertaining to self defense or war), cold and unnatural as I expect whoever commit this atrocity is. Hopefully their time on this Earth is punishment enough for this cold soul. In the event that is not punishment enough hopefully the dumb ass forgot to pick up his casings and hopefully he didn't load his gun with gloves on.
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