My 14er record attempt

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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by coloradokevin »

grhigh wrote:The first thing I said to Homie as he walked toward the Land Cruiser at noon today was that he did set a record. Those 41 peaks have never been climbed so fast! Also, we now have "Homie Days." Feel free to try one. Let's see, Windom, Sunlight, North Eolus, Eolus, El Diente, Mount Wilson, Wilson Peak, and Sneffels for starters. As Homie and I drove away after our trailhead party, I said, "Hey! We finally got rid of everybody. Now, let's go for Huron!" Then, with a wry grin, I added, "Just give your spot to Eric Lee for his run of Nolan's Fourteeners. Nobody will know the difference until he does Yale!" Alas, The word was out, and my last duty as faithful driver was to deliver Homie to his family. He is in one piece and at peace. Hooray.

It was truly inspiring to be one of the silent crew members behind the curtain. I'll miss Homie's snoring as I drove through the night to the next trailhead. It started to seem too simple; just drive to a trailhead, point uphill, and watch him go. I told Homie that I was with him mentally in his summit skipping, but just lacked the Kevlar legs to be there in person.
Jennifer and I are also exhausted by the wee hour drives, but i enjoyed finding all the trailheads from memory. OK, I did peek at my guidebook a few times, but mostly after the fact to see how i did.

Of course Cave Dog's record will be broken. It can be done under 10 days. Homie has inspired a new generation to try.

Gerry Roach

Thanks to all of you for giving us such an inspiring event to watch this week!

Homie, you've definitely got all of us thinking about climbing, and your accomplishments this week were quite impressive. I'm sorry to see that injuries prevented you from continuing, but you sure gave it one heck of a run. Even in my best shape I couldn't imagine climbing half as many mountains in such a short stretch of time, though such stories always make me want to try! I did manage to check in on this thread about 10 times per day for the entire week though... probably not a record, but a valiant effort on my part ;) In all seriousness, that 10 day record is insane. The fact that you were physically able to take a legitimate shot at the title is quite impressive in its own right, since it is really just a thing of dreams for the vast majority of us.

Cave Dog, very classy post on your part. You set the bar pretty damn high with your long-standing record on the 14'ers. Your support for Homie and his quest shows character and a great deal of excellent sportsmanship. Though I don't know Homie personally, I'm confident that your support has been a big driving force for him.

Gerry, it's nice to see you post here as well. Your books have been welcomed tag-alongs on many mountain adventures for me (I imagine the same can be said for many of us here on this site). I first found your 14'er climbing book in a small store in Leadville, as I aimlessly explored Colorado's backcountry during a road trip from Ohio in 1998. I'd never climbed the 14,000 foot peaks before, but your book suggested to me that it might be a fun idea. As such, your book followed me up Elbert, then Longs, then Grays and Torreys during the course of the next week. The next year I again returned to Colorado for two months of mountain adventuring (the leisurely college years), and found that you had published a second edition to your book... picked that one up too, moved here a couple years later, and have referenced that book so many times since that the pages are starting to fall out. So, for me it was fun to see that you were also involved in this action-adventure quest.
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by HikerGuy »

cheeseburglar wrote:Some day I hope to have 2 months off and I'll go for my own 14ers speed time. I won't be challenging the record.
I could see getting it done in one month, but any less than that would be pushing it for me. One month would be about 2 mountains a day. And they are going for an average of almost 6 mountains a day?
That is how bad ass homie, Cave Dog, Hamilton, and these other guys are.
This really puts it into perspective. I can begin to imagine doing it in 30 days (with a driver).
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by Monster5 »

Congrats, Homie. We are all humbled and inspired.

As a runner, you probably already have a few ideas, but my lady says (regarding the sharp pain above the knee with swelling):

Stress fracture, tendinitis, or bursitis sounds likely. Consult a doc if the pain lasts longer than a week. All three can heal with a couple weeks of rest with a good, protein-inclusive diet, followed by strengthening and slow reintroduction to activity.

^I normally ignore her type's advice. Rest is boring and doctor visits are over-priced.
"The road to alpine climbing is pocked and poorly marked, ending at an unexpectedly closed gate 5 miles from the trailhead." - MP user Beckerich
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by ctomford1 »

Good effort Homie! 41 14ers in a week is amazing no matter how you shape it. I can't imagine doing 6 14ers in a day.
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by dsunwall »

A big thanks to Bill M for being a great host to this historic event, The best circus (positive definition) I have ever attended.

I of course was afraid Homie would be crushed being forced to shut down because of injuries. I knew how much he wanted this and how many hours he put into preparing. He most likely will not look at them as wasted time, all time spent on the mountains is quality time. I like Bill Wrights blog on this subject, that was a quality post, he has a way with words as they say.

There were many unexpected benefits from Homies quest, the greatest being all the people that were positively influenced by his effort. Thanks everyone here for your support, I'm quite certain Homie and his family appreciated it very much.
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by drhansenej »

This thread has been touched by greatness in many ways. First, it's been a pleasure to follow Homie's journey. It's amazing to witness (albeit from afar) a superb athlete fly up and over peaks that us mortals have slowly plodded up through the years. And now the thread offers a small chance to thank Gerry Roach, the inspiration and guide for so many 14er journeys. And Cave Dog, and Andrew Hamilton, and the incredible ultra-athletes who preceded them, all of whom inspire the rest of us to go a little farther and a little faster.

Of course, thanks to Bill M for facilitating all of this.

Congratulations again to Homie and his crew.
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by Patinator »

Easily the greatest thread since I have been reading them and has really brought out the best that a community can offer for one of its own, even when that person is mostly likely a complete stranger who has done nothing more than allow us to imagine what it would be like in those shoes. I am pretty sure that he whipped by my dad and I on Harvard on his way to do the Harvard/Columbia traverse on a training hike at the start of the summer. That has made this adventure just a little bit more entertaining for me. Not sure if the Olympics motivated him, but the credo of "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (higher, faster, stronger) certainly applies to his cause to push the limits of human endurance.

A job well done Homie, rest up, get healed and take some time to reflect on this outstanding accomplishment and the positive effect it has had on so many people.
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by Dr_Jon »

To John, Bill, Cave Dog, Gerry Roach and the rest of the Team, and all the viewers

I was with John for some of his final moments while we descended Columbia on Wednesday night after Jason Halladay had to depart.......Homie at that point was completely battered....he was finished. The sunset was gorgeous that evening and the sunset had indeed set upon him getting the record, at least for this time. Homie will rise again! I walked with him down the SW slopes of Columbia and then he sent me out to inform Gerry and Jennifer of the situation of how he was doing. It was awesome that he still went up Yale the next day. But what this man accomplished was Epic! What bravery, pursuit of excellence and power this man has....Homie will be back another day to conquer these peaks and get that record, I am sure of it...if that is what he tries to do so again.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your adventure, only if it was towards the end for an evening!

Maybe I will try for the record next year? Anyone want to try to sign up for my support team? :-D Homie, you have been truly inspiring!

Dr. Jon Kedrowski
Soloed Every 14er in 42 Days (Including Climbing Mt. Elbrus Russia in 2005 for 14 days) All unsupported.
1st person to Camp on the Summit of Every Colorado 14er from Sunset to Sunrise (All done in one season in 2011)
Author: "Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14er High Bivys" (2012)
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by Mtn_Mermaid »

Homie, congrats on your spectacular accomplishment! Also, kudos to all the online and in-the-flesh supporters. It has been thrilling to see people rally for the cause! Sweet! Tonight's full moon will be a smilin' on the milestones this adventure has set., not just yer average mountain climbin' site. Rock, altitude, adventure and so much more!
"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." ~ John Muir
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by SHmids »

I am going to wear something hot pink on my G/T hike on Monday in honor of Homie's efforts!

Getting a few friends, who will be first time 14er hikers, out in the hills is going to be a great's all about sharing the love of the mountains...thank you Homie for sharing your passion with all of us!
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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by Mountain Ninja »

Excellent work, Homie! You've got some character, pushing through with those injuries, and STILL accomplishing such an incomprehensible feat! My hat's off to you.
A little pain never hurt anyone.

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Re: My 14er record attempt

Post by flatlander »

Simply, WOW! Here's hoping to a speedy recovery for you Homie. Thanks for the inspiration!
Always remember, the mountains don't care.