Prep for a week of hiking

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Prep for a week of hiking

Postby pudgy » Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:52 am

Hopefully, I'll be climbing Handies one week from tomorrow and several other peaks in the Lake City area that week. What do you do physically and nutritionally the week prior to a lot of climbs besides hydrating? Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Prep for a week of hiking

Postby jeremy27 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:46 am

Certain Dri your feet. Available at most drug stores. Really helps (me) avoid blisters.
(I do not work for the company).
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Re: Prep for a week of hiking

Postby summers » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:08 am

REST. If you are going to do a week of hiking, there is no amount of last-minute conditioning that is more important than well-rested legs. Either you are in shape for it, or you aren't -- but you won't change that the week before. Stretching is good, walking is good, but don't exhaust yourself before the trip ever starts.

REST. Lots of sleep. You will probably be tired if you are hiking that much. Plus, you may not sleep well in a tent on a pad. If you are tired before you start, you are just making it that much harder.

EAT NORMALLY. Just because you are exercising less, you still need to eat heartily. Yeah, you will probably gain a couple of pounds, but those storehouses of energy in your body will serve you well. In a week of hiking, you will almost certainly drop weight, and potentially a fair amount. If your body's storehouses of energy are down before you start, it will be easier for them to be exhausted.

PRACTICE. If you get a chance, try to set up your tent in the wind or in the rain or in the dark (or in all three at the same time). Day-hikes, we can ignore these sorts of things, and not go out in bad weather, and get to the campsite early. If you are out for a week, the odds are improved significantly that you will get to enjoy less-than-optimal conditions.

REPLACE/CHARGE BATTERIES. Headlamps/flashlights, GPSs, cameras, all these toys we go out with now, are useless with weak batteries that inconveniently die a day into the hike.

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