3-14ers for practice climb for Kili near Buena Vista

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3-14ers for practice climb for Kili near Buena Vista

Postby johnhrich » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:10 pm

I am scheduled to climb Kilimanjaro last of August. As practice/test I am planning to go to Buena Vista in mid-July and would like to climb 3 14ers in 5 days. I have been at/above 14k ft in Bolivia, but not climbing, with minimum altitude reaction. Based on all the things I have read so far in this outstanding resource site I am thinking of using the first day (two?) and go up Cottonwood Pass and reach one of the 'unnamed peaks' near there. See how I do.
I've looked at the route selection tool, and recently acquired Gerry Roach's book. What I had in mind as possibles for the "3" was southwest Mt Yale (near BV and paved road), Mt Huron northwest (if I can get to the TH), Mt Sherman (perhaps first as I understand it's one of the easiest standard routes) and of course would love to do Mt Elbert. I'll be staying in Buena Vista so will have to drive daily to the TH. Rental car.
Any feedback/suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated. Especially if there are recommendations on climb/route that would resemble what I will face in Kili. Thanks very much !!
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Re: 3-14ers for practice climb for Kili near Buena Vista

Postby gonzalj » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:16 pm

For Huron if you don't have 4wd add 4 miles to the hike. Definitely a gorgeous hike and the road is pretty mellow, but a rental car won't have a problem driving to Winfield. Other than that, I think Yale would be a little more difficult than Elbert, but both are pretty similar in length (expect long days & start hiking before daylight).
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Re: 3-14ers for practice climb for Kili near Buena Vista

Postby MtHurd » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:22 pm

La Plata via the Northwest Ridge is a good training climb for Kili and is accessible by a paved road.

The South Mt. Elbert Trail is also accessible by a paved road and is a good training climb. Not far from the La Plata trailhead as well.

A Shavano Tabeguache combo would also be good training. I haven't done the standard route but I'm pretty sure a rental will get you to that trailhead.

You could also do a Belford Oxford combo via Missouri Gulch. The road isn't paved, but it's well maintained and would be no problem for any car. If you really want to push it, you have the option of climbing Missouri as well for a 3 pack in one day.
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Re: 3-14ers for practice climb for Kili near Buena Vista

Postby lisacarey » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:51 pm

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in June of 2010. I have climbed 15 of Colorado's 14ers so far. Training is good and I highly recommend it. I did not do any special training for the Kili climb. I climbed Mount Evans three weeks before just to make sure my shoes were in good condition. I also did treadmill work at a higher grade to get my shins and calves in good condition. Walking sticks are VERY useful on the way down. If you want any advice, email me. lisacarey5@yahoo.com
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