Posting html from another site to trip report here

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Posting html from another site to trip report here

Postby rickinco123 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:17 pm

I had a trip report I did on blogspot, it was suggested I do one on here so its in the database.

The problem was that I put a lot of work into it. As it turns out it was fairly easy to copy that report to I copied the html from blogspot and pasted it into my trip report. The content management software on sanitizes ( removes ) all the html tags and any non text items within the tags.

I simply went through and eliminated all the tags around the images, the "img" tag, and highlighted the image source "src=" url and hit the image button which places wiki like tags around the image URL. Once I submitted, all the remaining tags around text were removed automagically and my images were linked to their source at flickr.

Unfortunately I don't think I can post an example here because if I try post tags they will be removed. PM if you need more detail

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