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Re: Shavano today

Postby J C Wilks » Tue May 26, 2009 11:57 am

Nice TR Aubrey. Thanks for setting us straight the other day. We were the (1st?) group of three from Loveland. We had crossed the Angel without knowing it thinking that we were further back east. Once I started using the only compass we had between the three of us and the guide book we had no problems. I only needed two major bearings to get up Shavano. In the cloud it was pretty hard to estimate distances. I would head toward a three foot high rock a hundred feet away only to find that it was a one foot high rock thirty feet away. It was like that all the way up without any tracks for reference. We all summited and ran into the other group of three from Boulder and a few others.

We had come back to hike Tabegauche after being turned back last year due to high winds so my wife and I went on. Our friend waited for us on Shavano. Thanks Nelson (I think) for giving us the advice on the traverse and for breaking the trail. Twice the cloud broke and gave us a brief view but otherwise we were socked in. Then the wind kicked up and about an inch of grappel came down on us. We thought about turning back three times but there was no lightning or thunder and we were so close we went on. As we came up on the summit, that cairn on Taby looked just like a person standing there motionless against the foggy sky. People came in and out of the fog like ghosts all day but we were alone on Tabegauche. When we returned to Shavano, we followed our tracks back to the saddle then cut a new path down to the traverse. Darkness caught us before we got to the lower trail so finding the way through that obscure stretch was slow going and we finally got back to the trailhead around 10:30. Even with all the cloud cover our faces got scorched and we know better. For some reason sunscreen was overlooked. We experienced tiny snow flakes, grappel, sleet, big fat flakes and rain all in one day.

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