Vote on 14er Photo Uploads

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Vote on 14er Photo Uploads

Postby BillMiddlebrook » Tue May 02, 2006 5:01 pm

You can now VOTE on photos uploaded by forum users.

I've implemented photo voting to provide more criteria for future sorting. Once there are votes out there, I will add sort options so we can see photos with specific rankings. To vote, you must be a registered Forum user and you will be asked to enter your forum id/password. Once logged on, you can vote until you close your browser. Unlike SummitPost, this is anonymous voting only. Your username will NOT be displayed with any votes. This will prevent the problem of voting wars between individuals while still giving us a way to rank photos.

There are several ways to see and vote on photo uploads:
1.) View Photos Uploads by Peak (new page)
2.) From the Main 14er Pages - Open a 14er page and use the "More Photos" link to see the photo uploads.
3.) By Most Recent Uploads - Click on that link or use the "14ers Toolbox" link on the main Forum page to view the most recent 100 photo uploads.
4.) By User - Click on a user profile in the Forum to view a user's photo uploads.

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