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Discrepancy in sub-summit count on map

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:29 pm
by daway8
Sorry, this has surely been covered many times but I'm not having luck picking the right search terms to dig it out...

Question: Why on the 14ers map does the number next to sub-summits say 14 and yet when you click it 16 peaks appear?

So as not to have to rehash this portion of it, here's a review of the basic numbers:
Official ranked 14ers: 53
Including unranked peaks named on most maps: 58 (adds Conundrum, North Maroon, Cameron, El Diente and North Eolus)
Most common extended list including "unnamed" peaks: 74 (this list includes North Snowmass, West Evans, SE Longs, South Bross, East Crestone, NE Crestone, South Little Bear, NW Lindsey, North Massive, Massive Green, South Massive, East La Plata, South Elbert, South Wilson, West Wilson, and the infamous Sunlight Spire)

The map lists the 53 ranked and the 5 unranked (which gets you to 58) but for sub-summits has the number 14 (which puts you at 72) despite actually showing all 16 of the peaks listed above when you select it (putting you at the classic 74). Are there 2 sub-summits in the doghouse or is the 14 a typo?

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Re: Discrepancy in sub-summit count on map

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 8:07 pm
by Salient
It’s most likely a typo given that I counted 16 subsummits that appear on the map when you select the option.