GPX Library (new)

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GPX Library (new)

Post by BillMiddlebrook »

I've finally put together the GPX Library so we have a place to share and find GPX files more easily. Check it out and feel free to post comments here but please remember it's under construction.


And, yes, you must be logged in to use it. Why? Like other mapping pages on the site, I have to limit it to registered users because we pay Google for Maps usage. If it's open to everyone, the usage gets run up quickly and I get a hefty monthly bill from Google. Gross.

I still have to add the direct upload functionality and 'My GPX Uploads' management features.
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by Reg0928 »

Rad! Thanks!
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by bluegrassclimber »

Awesome feature Bill! Thank you!!!
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by dwoodward13 »

Wow this is awesome!

You rock Bill!
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by CaptCO »

Thank you sir
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by daway8 »

Great, this will be sweet! Thanks!
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by JQDivide »

That's cool.
Thanks Bill!

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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by ablocki »

This is gonna make trip planning for 13ers so much easier =D> Thanks Bill!
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by bergsteigen »

Have you researched other platforms other than The Google for gpx hosting? I’ve been working on my own gpx library and so far am thinking about Caltopo. I’m just glad I didn’t put the time into Google Maps as I had been planning on, I’m not paying more bills!
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by d_baker »

Bill, I don't use gps in the mountains but would some type of rating system be useful for user uploaded tracks?

For instance if someone was way off route from the norm, but that user decided to upload the file, to me, that one should be voted down in comparison to someone's track that was spot on for the normal route.

E.g., the recent La Plata winter gpx track request thread. WillE mentioned his track was way off with additional 4mi's or something. Others posted tracks (I assume) were more inline with the typical winter approach to the ridge, therefore that type of track should get voted up.

Make sense?
I can't imagine going to the library and finding multiple tracks for "same" route, and deciding which to choose.
Or would there be a preview of the track so a user could decide that looks good and a viable option for their intended goal?
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by justiner »

Super cool - the GPX's I've already uploaded are there in one place.

I think Caltopo is an excellent place to store personally used GPX files. Some of the public ones are incredible! Like this one for RMNP:

(takes a little while to load)
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Re: GPX Library (new)

Post by benmangelsdorf »

This is awesome, particularly the ability to sort by month. Thank you so much!
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