Capt. CO Finisher

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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by climbingcue »

Congrats Alec, impressive to do in the short time you did.

Consecutive months with at least one 14er, 44 months and counting...
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by Jay521 »

Mega congrats!!
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by CaptCO »

Thanks guys,

here's a rough draft of my finisher TR if interested ... trip=20371
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by desertdog »

Boy that was quick! Good job. Congrats!
The summit is a source of power. The long view gives one knowledge and time to prepare. The summit, by virtue of the dizzying exposure, leaves one vulnerable. A bit of confidence and a dash of humility is all we get for our work. Yet to share these moments with friends is to be human. C. Anker
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by glenmiz »

Congratulations Alec!
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by cottonmountaineering »

Congrats! The Centennials are Bicentennials are way cooler if you decide to keep going
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by Gandalf69 »

Excellent, way to go. Go back to your favorites when you can for a stroll down memory lane above 14000 feet
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by TravelingMatt »

Welcome to the 13ers then. You strike me as someone who deserves them.
You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough. -- William Blake
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by WVMountaineer »

Congrats CaptCO! I know we didn't get along back when you joined the forum but I'm glad you finished them, for the most part, safely. You came across so reckless with a f*** it mentality and safety isn't an option but it's obvious your experience level and you as a person were growing as you posted more. Stay safe.

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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by nyker »

Good job gettin' them done. Congrats!
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by bdloftin77 »

Good work and congratulations!!
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Re: Capt. CO Finisher

Post by mtngoatwithstyle »

Loved reading your posts!. No matter what happens next,I am truly happy for your endeavor,for seeking mentoring to
Gain experience and for not Giving up despite challenges. Congratulations =D>
Never,never give up!.
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