Sundance Mtn North Couloirs (RMNP) 6/12

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Sundance Mtn North Couloirs (RMNP) 6/12

Post by garyleutheuser »

Anyone interested in getting some snow time in at RMNP this Saturday?

Gist is that it's a half mile walk from parking on trail ridge road (US 34), to a saddle. Then you can descend down to the base, re-ascend via whatever routes you like however many times you like. Just walk back to the car at the end (see the map linked below).

I'm not sure what conditions are like in the area, but last weekend I was on the north-facing couloir from Emerald Lake up to Halett's east ridge and it was in great shape. I don't think it's been very rainy since so I would hope things are decent. (Updates would be appreciated if anyone has info). Seems like the weather tonight/tomorrow is agreeable (no rain, clear nights, even if on the warmer side). Plan is to probably get moving from the car at 6 or 7 AM, and just do laps/practice on various routes for a few hours, conditions permitting. Nothing formal / no real objective.

Stated steepness (from guidebook) is average of 45 degrees with steeper sections as desired; 600-700 feet vertical gain.

(Probably goes without saying that you'd need a helmet, crampons, and an ice axe.)

Here's a little map I made based on Dave Cooper's "Colorado Snow Climbs" entry for it:

Rough WGS84 coordinates for the area: 40.4083, -105.7149

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