RJ Secor

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RJ Secor

Post by seano »

Secor wrote the definitive Sierra guidebook, like Beckey for the Cascades or Ortenburger for the Tetons. RIP.

https://angeles.sierraclub.org/news/blo ... and_author
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Re: RJ Secor

Post by kaiman »

Oh that's sad news. I used a copy of the Sierra's book years ago to plan a backpacking/peak bagging trip in California and also used to own a copy of his Mexican Volcanoes book. Always a bummer to read about mountaineers dying before they should.

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Re: RJ Secor

Post by Candace66 »

!! I hadn't heard about this. Thank you for sharing the news.
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Re: RJ Secor

Post by uwe »

Sad news! His books helped me with my Aconcagua and Denali projects. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace. [Thank you for posting. I would not have known otherwise.]
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Re: RJ Secor

Post by 14erFred »

Sad to learn of R. J. Secor's passing. He was a prolific climber and brilliant guidebook writer. His comprehensive guide to the High Sierra has become the contemporary standard for the highest peaks in California and has been an invaluable resource in trip-planning for countless climbers. I've spent many hours savoring the alpine delights that his carefully crafted guidebooks helped me discover. Like an inexhaustible Sierra day, his indomitable spirit permeates his writing and inspires readers to pursue their own adventures. May he rest in peace forever, and may his memory always be a blessing.
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